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PCB Assembly

PCB assembly is the term given to the process by which electronic and electro-mechanical components of various types, shapes, sizes and values are attached to a bare printed circuit board (PCB).

PCBs are also sometimes known a Printed Wired Boards (PWB).

Electronic components are typically soldered to the PCB using either a surface mount (SMT) process where they are soldered to the surface of the PCB or via a through hole (PTH) process where they are soldered through holes in the PCB designed specifically for this purpose.

Which type of process is used depends upon a number of factors including product application, space limitations, component availability, component footprint and cost.

Typically, PCBs are assembled using solders, which contain lead if the product is exempt from the RoHS directive or lead free solders if the RoHS directive applies to the end product application.

Electro-mechanical components are usually affixed to the PCB with various types of screws, bolts and adhesives.

This is a typical process/service that might be carried out by a contract electronics manufacturer (CEM).

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