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Interim Managers

What is Interim Management?

Interim management can best be described as an experienced sensibly over-qualified manager fulfilling a short term assignment within a company in order to achieve a set of pre-defined objectives.

Why do electronic manufacturing companies use Interim Managers?

Interim Managers were historically known as 'trouble-shooters' or 'company doctors' brought in to turn around an ailing company. Whilst this is still the case in certain circumstances, electronic manufacturing companies of all sizes are now attaining benefits from using interim managers for a number of strategic reasons including:-

  • Managing a 'change' e.g. new product introduction
  • As a functional manager e.g. acting as a Sales or HR Manager. This has proven very cost effective for a number of OEMs/CEMs.
  • As a facilitator helping the business through a period in which the management team have little or no experience
  • Managing the transition to an out-sourcing policy
  • As a gap manager covering for illness, maternity or time to recruit a replacement following a staff members departure
  • As a project manager when the clients permanent resource is simply unable to cope with workload or time constraints
  • As a supplement to fast growth whilst an infrastructure is built to manage the ongoing workload

Interim Managers are paid by the day and an assignment can last anywhere from 3-12 months. There is no recruitment fee or redundancy payment so their use can be very advantageous to companies who require short term support by people who are 'experts in their field'.

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