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A consultant is an individual who provides specialist expertise to a client organisation in order to achieve a particular set of objectives.

Consultants are hired for their expertise when a company either has:-

  • Limited or no knowledge of a particular topic e.g. HALT/HASS testing
  • Outsourced a particular function e.g. pcb design or pcb layout
  • The need for additional support at an important time for the business e.g. new product introduction

Typical types of consultants operating within the electronics manufacturing industry include:-

  • Health & Safety Consultants - providers of advice and support on topics such as risk assessment and COSHH.
  • Interim Managers - Experienced 'hands-on' individuals capable of managing a particular objective(s) on a short term basis because of their relevant skills.
  • Logistics Consultants - capable of advising on and setting up the importation and exportation of goods and handling the relevant paperwork for the relevant geography.
  • M&A Consultants - experts capable of helping companies acquire or merge with appropriate businesses.
  • Management Consultants - specialists in either project management, change management or sales channel development
  • Patent Consultants - experts in the legal and legislative procedures required to protect an invention.
  • Providers of specialist electronic design support for new products e.g. design consultants
  • Soldering, Rework & Repair Consultants e.g. IPC and JSTD 001 Training
  • Specialists in Supply Chain Management e.g. Offshore Outsourcing
  • Technology consultants - Helping to design and develop new processes, components or products
  • Test & Emissions consultants e.g. Experts in CE/EMC compliance testing
  • Tax Consultants - advising international companies on tax efficiency.
  • WEEE and RoHS Consultants - helping to ensure companies are aware of both their legislative and environmental responsibilities.

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