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Electroviews is an online information resource dedicated to providing honest, professional opinions and advice within the global electronics manufacturing marketplace.

We pride ourselves on tight editorial control and unfortunately cannot publish every article that is submitted.

In order to keep article submissions processing fairly and efficiently, and to assist us in exercising editorial discretion, we have identified a number of editorial guidelines below. We may decide to reject, amend, delete, edit or report any article that violates these guidelines without prejudice.

Please review the following policies and editorial guidelines before submitting your article:


  • Submit articles between 250-1000 words
  • Submit articles with links to topical pages on your company's website
  • Identify the most relevant page for your article from the page guide list

Do not:

  • Submit duplicate articles with links to mirror URLs
  • Submit content that has been plagiarised from another source
  • Submit your article more than once
  • Submit illegal content of any description (see below)
  • Submit articles with links or graphics to any URL that contains illegal content (Examples of illegal content include pornography, libel, racial hatred, incitement to hate, IPR infringement, fraud or violence sites of any description). Please Note: Any articles deemed by the editors to contain any illegal content as stated above will not be added to Electroviews. The content will be passed to the authorities for their due consideration.
  • Submit any articles with links to sites under construction - they will be deleted.
  • Submit any article which is blatant advertisement for your products or services

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